Community Speedwatch

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Please get in touch if you think you can help.

A Community Speed Watch Scheme is initiated in a Village when ‘speeding traffic’ has been identified as a community road safety concern by the Parish Council.

However, several criteria must be met before a scheme can be established:

The area must have a 30mph or 40mph speed restriction.

Speed data collected by the Safer Roads Partnership must show that speed levels in the area do not meet the national industry requirements for police enforcement.

No other enforcement activity is currently in place.

There must be a minimum of six volunteers in a Community Speed Watch Scheme.

Speed checks must be conducted by at least three volunteers at any one time.

Back in May 2019, a representative from West Mercia Police attended the Annual Parish Meeting to deliver a presentation on the Community Speed Watch Scheme, in the hope of setting one up in Whittington. Since then, the Parish Council has been advertising for volunteers to come forward and we are now happy to report that the scheme is up and running in Whittington.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the process and the volunteers are awaiting the training they require to be able to carry out the speed monitoring. Once lockdown restrictions are lifted and the training can take place, volunteers will be out and about around the Parish with their speeds guns!

The monitoring sites are selected by the Police and must meet stringent criteria. The sites they have identified are as follows:

1) Station Road (at the corner of Fitzgwarigne Drive) – A495

2) Penybryn Avenue (on Ellesmere Road) – A495

3) Babbinswood (just outside the bus stop) – B5009

4) North Drive in Park Hall

5) Burma Road in Park Hall.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Parish Council –

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