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Please find below a selection of links to other organisations and businesses within the Whittington Parish area:

Tourism, Clubs & Organisations

Whittington Castle

Whittington Cricket & Bowling Club

Whittington Church

Whittington CE Primary School

Oswestry Boys’ and Girls’ Football Club

Oswestry Rugby Club

Oswestry Showground


Pubs, Food, and Rooms

The White Lion

Ye Olde Boote Inn

Whittington Fish Bar


Other sites of interest

Whittington on Wikipedia

Shropshire Council

Shropshire Rural Communities Charity

Reporting Incidents

Please do not report crime or other incidents via Twitter or other forms of Social Media ? Please call 101 or 999 in an emergency. Additional information is often required by officers in order for the police to act upon any information given.

Please view the advice below on which number you should ring.

999 is for reporting emergency situations only; below is a helpful mnemonic to remember when to use it.

P – Phone 999 only if
O – Offenders are nearby
L – Life is at risk
I – Injury is caused or threatened
C – Crime or disorder is in progress
E – Emergency situations

What is 101?

101 is now the number to call when you want to get through to your local police when it is less urgent than 999. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls to 101 from land lines and mobile networks cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day you call or how long you are on the phone.

When should I use 101?

If you have had a minor traffic collision.
If your property has been damaged.
If your car has been stolen.
If you suspect drug dealing.
If you have been burgled and there are no offenders on scene.
If you have witnessed a crime.
If you have information about criminals in your local area.
If you have seen a missing person.
If you need crime prevention advice.
If you want to speak to a local police officer/ your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.
If you want to speak to the police about any other incident that doesn’t require an immediate response.
If you want to make us aware of any policing issues in your local area.

What happens when you call 101?

When you call 101, you will be greeted by an automated system that will automatically identify your location and offer you the option of being connected to your local police force.

If you would like a different force you will be given the option to speak to an operator to select your chosen area. Your call will be answered by police contact handlers in the control room of that local police force.

If you are anywhere in the UK you can still dial 101 and you will be given the option of speaking to police contact handlers within West Mercia. If your selection is not correct, you will be given the option to speak to an operator.

Preventing Vehicle Crime

Do not be complacent about keeping your property and your vehicle safe. By following the below advice you can help prevent opportunist thieves from striking.

Never leave anything on show in your vehicle and remember to take your sat nav and audio equipment with you. Always remove the sat nav cradle and wipe away the suction marks.

Remember, never leave the car with its engine running or the keys in the ignition and fit self-locking screws to prevent number plates being stolen and always lock your car and fully close its windows and sunroof when you are leaving it unattended. Double check by pulling your vehicles door handles to ensure the central locking system is working correctly.

Fit anti-theft devices to steering wheels, fuel caps and wheels and park in well-lit areas or in a secure car park. Never leave your mobile phone behind and do not store items in the boot, remember to take them with you.

Keyless entry vehicles, although convenient, are currently an extremely easy target for theft with increasing numbers being stolen. However, there are several steps you can take to reduce your risk.

1. Ensure your vehicle is properly locked and keep keys far away from doors and windows to ensure the vehicle is no longer in range of the key?s signal.

2. Place keys in a metal/foiled lined box or container, or another container that blocks the keys signal from reaching the vehicle when it?s not in use.

3. Switch off the key?s wireless signal when you don?t need your vehicle. If you are unsure if the key has this function, find out in your owner?s manual.

4. You could also purchase an aftermarket security device, such as a steering wheel lock, a driveway parking post or even a wheel clamp. Even if the thieves are able to access and start your car, these should prevent them from driving away. Many criminals will consider bypassing these as ?too much hassle?.

5. Other steps include checking if there are any software updates for the car itself, remaining vigilant for unusual activity in your area and having an aftermarket immobiliser or tracker fitted.

For further information on all forms of crime prevention, please visit:

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