Planning Committee

Planning Committee

  1. The Parish Council Standing Orders apply to all Committees.
  2. The Committee will meet when deemed necessary.
  3. The Committee will have 5 members.
  4. The Quorum shall be 3.
  5. Members of the Committee are established at the Annual meeting of the Council.
  6. The Committee shall elect a Chairman annually at the first meeting of the year.
  7. The Clerk will minute all meetings of the Planning Committee and the minutes will be submitted to the Parish Council at the next meeting for adoption.
  8. The Committee will meet as required, when deemed necessary.

Delegated Powers

  1. In cases where a response is required before the next ordinary meeting of the Council and the Chairman agrees that an extraordinary meeting of the Council is not necessary, the Committee shall deal with the matter and receive, consider and respond to planning applications.
  2. To study relevant plans, visit relevant sites and consider any comments from members of the public and statutory consultees.
  3. To ensure that any objections or recommendations are based solely on planning criteria, local planning policy and national planning policy framework.
  4. To monitor the general environment of the parish and report to the planning authorities any potential planning breaches.
  5. To liaise with the Planning Authority on matters relating to the Local Plan and report back to full council for decision making.
  6. To respond to all consultations regarding planning issues or issues that will have an impact on planning.
  7. To consider whether a Neighbourhood Plan should be developed and to make recommendation to the Parish Council.
  8. When an application is subject to appeal the Committee is authorised to make written representation or to elect a member to attend the hearing.
  9. To attend planning training sessions and to read all relevant documentation to ensure that the Committee is aware of current legislation and regulations.
  10. To draft Planning Policies, as required, and make recommendations to full council for adoption.

Committee Members 2020-21 (elected at the full council meeting on 26.05.20)

Councillors: Steve Charmley, Jill Whitby, Ian Johnson, Lucy Beaumont, Rupert Harvey.

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