Finance and Executive Committee

Finance and Executive Committee

  1. The Finance and Executive Committee is constituted as a Standing Committee of Whittington Parish Council.
  2. The Parish Council Standing Orders apply to all Committees.
  3. Membership shall comprise of 3 members plus the Chairman of the council.
  4. Only the above may vote and participate at a meeting. In the case of an equal vote the Chairman of the Committee shall have a second or casting vote.
  5. Members of the Committee are established at the Annual meeting of the Council.
  6. The Committee shall elect a Chairman annually, at their first meeting following the Annual Meeting of the Council.
  7. Three members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum
  8. The Committee shall meet a minimum of once a year.
  9. The committee may delegate any of its functions to sub-committees constructed from its members or to an officer of the council.

Committee Members 2023-24

Councillors: Frank Davis, Greg Hickman Jill Whitby and Lucy Beaumont.

2022-23 Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday 21st November 2023 – 6.30pm (Budget Planning)
  • Tuesday 26th March 2024 – 6.30pm – (Clerk’s Appraisal and Year End Review)

Delegated Powers

Staffing Matters
  1. To manage the recruitment and appointment of staff and ensure the council complies with all legislative requirements relating to the recruitment and employment of staff.
  2. To arrange the implementation of new employment contracts, job descriptions and person specifications for staff.
  3. To review staff salaries, terms of conditions of all staff and pension schemes and make recommendations to Council.
  4. To undertake the Clerk’s annual appraisal and review following the completion of probationary period.
  5. To supervise and performance manage the Clerk’s work, record and monitor absences, holidays and handle grievance and disciplinary matters and pay disputes.
  6. To keep under review staff working conditions and monitor health and safety at work for Council employees.
  7. To oversee the running of the Parish Office.
  8. To review Council employment policies and make recommendations to Council.
Policies and Financial Matters
  1. To review Standing Orders annually and make recommendations to the Council
  2. To review Financial Regulations annually and make recommendations to the Council.
  3. To review council policies annually and make recommendations to Full Council.
  4. To review the council’s Financial Risk Assessment annually and make recommendations to the Council.
  5. To monitor financial progress of the council’s expenditure against budget.
  6. To consider and make recommendations on all reports arising from both internal and external auditors.
  7. To ensure that an adequate and effective system of internal control is in place to secure the integrity of finances and conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of Internal Audit and Internal Control Procedures.
  8. To oversee all legal matters pertaining to leases, mortgage, insurance claims, easements, tenancies, contracts, loans, insurance cover, damage to property, specification of work and debt recovery and make recommendations to Full Council.
  9. To arrange an annual review of the council’s insurance policies.
  10. To review from time to time the council’s banking arrangements and make recommendations to the council when necessary.
  11. To deal on behalf of the council and as instructed by it, with any matters of policy which do not fall clearly within the responsibilities of the other committees or where there is any conflict between them.
Reporting and accountability

The group will be a Standing Committee of the Council and as such will refer any matters to the council that are deemed significant enough to require full council consideration or approval.

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