Annual Parish Meeting

The 2022 Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday 17th May at 6.30pm in the Senior Citizen’s Hall, Whittington. A copy of the draft minutes can be found below.

The 2021 Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday 30th March at 7.00pm on Zoom. A copy of the minutes are available below.

The 2020 Annual Parish Meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

What is the Annual Parish Meeting?

An Annual Parish Meeting consists of the local government electors of a parish and the purpose of the meeting is to discuss parish affairs.

Only local government electors for the parish are qualified to vote at the Annual Parish Meeting or a poll consequent thereon. Each elector can give one vote on any question and no more. A question to be decided by an Annual Parish Meeting shall, in the first instance, be decided by a majority of those present at the meeting and voting thereon, and the decision of the person presiding the meeting as to the result of the voting shall be final unless a poll is demanded. In the case of an equality of votes, the person presiding at the meeting shall have a casting vote, in
addition to any other vote he may have.

Any questions that are raised during the Open Forum session which cannot be readily answered by either the Chairman of the meeting, a designated Councillor or the Clerk, will be noted by the Minute Secretary and placed on the Agenda of a forthcoming Parish Council meeting.

An Annual Parish Meeting’s resolutions will not be binding on the Parish Council save in exceptional circumstances (e.g. a resolution for a Parish Council to provide allotment gardens will trigger a parish council’s duty under s.23 Small Holdings and
Allotments Act 1908 to consider if their provision of allotment gardens is sufficient to meet demand). Unless one of the exceptions applies, the Annual Parish Meeting’s resolutions will be persuasive only and the council will need to decide if it wishes
to disregard them.

Draft Minutes of the 2022 Annual Parish Meeting

Whittington Annual Parish Meeting DRAFT Minutes – 17.05.22

Minutes of previous Annual Parish meetings

Whittington Annual Parish Meeting Minutes – 30.03.21

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 14.05.19

Minutes of the APM May 2018


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