About Whittington Parish Council

Whittington Parish Council is comprised of 11 councillors representing the Parish of Whittington. Parish Councillors are elected every 4 years with the next elections due in May 2025. The Parish Council is served by a Parish Clerk, who also acts as the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

The Parish Council has a Chair and Vice Chair, both elected annually, at the Annual Meeting of the Council held in May.

Local Councils (such as Whittington Parish Council), have a range of specific statutory powers which they may exercise if they wish to. Local councils do not have statutory responsibilities for services such as waste collection, street parking, traffic regulation, environmental health, street trading, planning and building control, licensing, housing, eduction, development control or social care functions for the area. Statutory responsibility for the discharge of those functions rests with the local authority (Shropshire Council).

Day-to-day administration and management of the services delivered by the Parish Council is the responsibility of the Parish Clerk who works closely with Parish Councillors to deliver the decisions made at meetings. The work of the Parish Council is funded primarily through a precept on Council Tax payers within the Whittington Parish. Where applicable, grants are applied for to help fund projects and the Parish Council also receives Neighbourhood Fund which is generated through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Local Councils have a statutory power to precept (tax) the local government electors in the Parish to finance the activities that flow from the exercise of discretionary powers and subsequent legal obligations. The Precept is a component of the Council Tax levied on local Government Electors in the Parish. A budget for the forthcoming financial year (starting in April) is set in January and as part of this process, the precept is set. Projects are identified for the coming year and are likely to include development, refurbishment and replacement of play equipment, improvements to Parish facilities and possible development of new initiatives for the benefit of local people. A copy of the Parish Council’s up to date project plan can be viewed on the Policies and Procedures Page. A copy of the current budget can be found on the Finance Page.

The Parish Council’s main Assets are the Play Area at Fitzwarine Drive and just under 200 Streetlights which located around the Parish. A copy of the Parish Council’s full Asset Register can be found on the Finance Page.

To find out who to report an issue to (the Parish Council, Shropshire Council, Police or someone else), please visit the ‘Reporting an issue‘ page for guidance. If you are unsure, please contact the Parish Clerk and they will be happy to advise.

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