Five Perry Parishes LJC Meeting 28th April 2016‏

Please find attached the agenda and previous notes for our forthcoming Five Perry Parishes LJC meeting. The meeting will commence at 7 o clock and will be held at Hordley Village Hall in this instance. Agenda April 2016 5PPS LJC Draft Notes 7th October 2015 ( v1) As ever we encourage parish councillors and parishContinue reading “Five Perry Parishes LJC Meeting 28th April 2016‏”

Wildflower-rich roadside verges

Shropshire is valued for its beautiful countryside and wealth of wildlife. This precious ‘biodiversity’ is in great need of careful protection and constant management – common species such as bees and other pollinating insects, and wild flowers such as cowslips, have declined dramatically over recent years. Biodiversity ‘corridors’ such as roadside verges are vital linksContinue reading “Wildflower-rich roadside verges”

New Whittington Website

Hello and welcome to the new Whittington Parish Council website. After a number of years of being hosted by Shrop.Net (a free web hosting service offered by Shropshire Council) we have decided to move to a new location. This is in part because the free Shrop.Net service is being withdrawn in 2016 and partly becauseContinue reading “New Whittington Website”