Would you like to become a Parish Councillor?


Local (parish and town) councils and councillors make a massive difference to the quality of life of local people. They are passionate about their communities and seek to make a change to help improve the lives of their residents.

Local Councils (such as Whittington Parish Council), have a range of specific statutory powers which they may exercise if they wish to. Local councils do not have statutory responsibilities for services such as waste collection, street parking, traffic regulation, environmental health, street trading, planning and building control, licensing, housing, education, development control or social care functions for the area. Statutory responsibility for the discharge of those functions rests with the local authority (Shropshire Council).

Day-to-day administration and management of the services delivered by the Parish Council is the responsibility of the Parish Clerk who works closely with Parish Councillors to deliver the decisions made at meetings. The work of the Parish Council is funded primarily through a precept on Council Tax payers within the Whittington Parish. Where applicable, grants are applied for to help fund projects and the Parish Council also receives Neighbourhood Fund which is generated through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Whittington Parish Council currently have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. If you are interested in putting yourself forward for co-option, please complete the application form below and return to the Parish Clerk – clerk@whittingtonpc.com – by Monday 10th April 2023 at 12noon at the latest. Applications will be considered at the April meeting of the Parish Council.

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