Shropshire Council – Coronovirus Support

Shropshire Council has expanded the information available on its website. Working with other local groups and organisations, Shropshire Council has gathered together new information resources that may be used by individuals or groups and organisations throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The new information can be found on Shropshire Council’s coronavirus pages under Information for the public/ more information for the public.

It is likely that more information will follow but more recent additions include a searchable map of local food providers and food delivery services; a map of local social network groups, many established to provide support during the pandemic; a map of support services and information concerning help for those unable to pay energy bills.

Many other topics are also covered ranging from advice from Trading Standards to mental health and advice managing anxiety.

The interactive maps allow those able to access the internet to focus in on their local area and find out more about the services located nearby. Where known telephone, email and website addresses have been included to help people make contact with any services of interest to them.

Community Support

Community Social Networks

Food provision

Energy Advice and Other Support

Data has been compiled by Shropshire Council’s new Community Reassurance Teams and other members of staff at Shropshire Council (including library services staff). Shropshire Council has set up temporary area-based Community Reassurance Teams (CRT) to support the coordination of local responses during this crisis, the teams are linking to new and existing community groups set up in response to COVID-19, Town and Parish Councils and other organisations. The Teams aim to work with communities to complement and enhance the amazing work already happening to ensure that everyone gets the help and support that they need to stay at home and stay well and healthy. Over the coming weeks the teams will work to make any necessary changes to the information available to ensure data can be used as effectively as possible.

This information is not designed to replace other long-term information sources on local service provision such as Shropshire Community Directory. The information is based on new information and new services established to support people through the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep informed and sign up to our daily coronavirus email updates

Shropshire Council wants to keep you as up to date and informed as possible. To help us do this, we have developed a coronavirus update that will be sent daily at 8pm via email to anyone who has signed up to our e-bulletins.

This update includes the day’s key Shropshire Council news, and some key news from our partners, relating to coronavirus-linked issues.  Please click here to sign up for the updates.

Please do encourage your family and friends to sign up to the updates too. This will help us keep everyone up to date with the rapidly-evolving crisis.

Further Information

Find the new online resources here:

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