Whittington Housing Needs Survey


Right Home, Right Place is a Shropshire Council-led initiative to help identify current and future housing needs across Shropshire.

Our role is to build a clear picture of what’s needed in your parish – whether it’s more affordable housing for young professionals, larger properties for families, smaller properties for homeowners looking to downsize, or whether no new housing is presently needed.

Throughout the year, we meet with parish clerks and councillors and send out questionnaires to each household in your area. The information we receive enables us to share accurate insights with Shropshire Council’s housing team, so they can provide support where it’s needed most.

In June / July 2019, we’ll be running a questionnaire in your parish, and we’d like to encourage all households to take part. These surveys are invaluable, not just for our local authority but for residents and parish councillors too.

For residents, it’s a chance to tell us whether the housing in your area meets your requirements; for parish councillors, it’s an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the demographics and needs of your area.

So don’t lose your chance to have a say in the housing needs of your parish – look out for your questionnaire in the post or complete it online at www.righthomerightplace.co.uk

The Right Home, Right Place team, Shropshire Council

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