Defibrillator Vandalised

The Community of Whittington were saddened and shocked by the recent vandalism to the village’s defibrillator. It was suspected that in the early hours of Sunday 16th September, the defibrillator was taken from the cabinet on the side of the Senior Citizen’s Hall on Station Road and disposed of in the Castle Grounds. The defibrillator is now back in the Council’s possession, but the protective case has still not been located and it was evident that an attempt had been made to use the pads as there were visible traces of duck feather on them.

Jill Whitby, Chair of Whittington Parish Council, said: “I cannot put into words how angry and upset this makes me. This expensive equipment is there to save lives and the culprits who took it have shown a complete lack of respect. We have only had the equipment for a couple of months, and now it is out of action until it can be checked over and the cabinet made secure. This could potentially endanger someone’s life.”

If anyone has any information to assist the police in their investigations or has details on where the missing case may be, please contact the police quoting crime reference number 22/82296/18 or call the Parish Council on 01691 829571.

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